Unbroken Chain – The Importance of Isnad in Islam

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1. The Meaning of Isnad: A Chain of Transmission
2. The Hadith of Mercy and Its Isnad
3. The Legacy of the Prophet
4. Al-Qur’an: The Combination of a Messenger and a Book
5. The Valid Methods of Bearing Knowledge and Narration 6. The Importance of Studying Under Shaykhs and Their Company
7. The Practice of the Sunna Must Be Taken from Shaykhs 8. The Various Chains of Qur’an, Hadith, and Sahih Bukhari
9. The Translation of the Hadith of Mercy
10. He Studied Sahih al-Bukhari 630 A.H. and Taught It 730 A.H.
11. Are You Studying with a Living Scholar or a Dead Machine?
Total Running Time 74:00 Minutes

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This amazing talk was given to a group of seekers of knowledge in California. Shaykh Muhammad examines the Islamic tradition of learning and teaching, and how our scholars learned and taught with Ijaza and Isnad. Here are the track titles that give the listener a better idea about this amazing talk.