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Shaykha Sayyida Asra Bukhari

Born in India, raised in America and awakened in Syria, Asra Adiba Bukhari is the daughter of Syed Shah Maqdum Muhyideen Bukhari, hafizhahullah, who spread Islam in Las Vegas after emigrating from India in the 70’s of the last century. His forefather, the great wali, Syed Muhammad Badesha Bukhari, rahimahullah, left the dunya and his position as Chief Justice in the King’s High Court for a barren land. Upon realizing his Chief Justice was not returning, the King of Hyderabad, Mehboob Ali Khan, built a masjid in the desert for him and soon people followed him there naming the town after him, Sayyidabad.

Springing from such roots, Asra was cast on the route of Sacred Knowledge by various shuyukh includiing tajwid from the late Shaykh Abu al Hassan Muhyideen al Kurdi of Damascus, rahimahullah, Hanafi fiqh from Shaykh Jamal al Zahabi, hafizhahullah, and a variety of subjects by her main mentor in all disciplines, of deen and dunya, Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi, hafizhahullah. She was the first female student authorized by Shaykh Muhammad to initiate people into the Shadhili way on his behalf. Academically, she is trained in psychology, nutrition and emergency medicine. In addition, she has written many articles on Islam and Tasawuf. She has been using her training to benefit the ummah for many years. The highlight of her education, however, is not taken from books but from exposure to Sayyidna al Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi, as she is blessed that the Shaykh is a companion of her father and other male relatives. She was reared in this blessed milieu, of observing the sunnah up close, for over a decade through the countless encounters she has had with the Shaykh amidst her family.

Hundreds of people have written to her on how their lives were transformed after implementing the knowledge she was given and shares. She believes the two subjects in dire need of implementation in the West are ‘Aqida and Adab. She presents Islam with true integrity as instilled in her by her father and her teachers.