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Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen

Born and raised in Birmingham, Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen developed an interest in acquiring the traditional Islamic Sciences from an early age. His enthusiasm led him to travel to the blessed lands of Sham (Syria), where he meet many great scholars and men of Allāh. He spent a year there studying Arabic at the University of Damascus as well as attending lessons of various Shaykhs in the mosques of Damascus. He was also blessed to attend gatherings at the residence of Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi. Upon his return to the UK, Shaykh Yaseen continued his studies with Shaykh Rasul Bakhsh Saeedi and Mufti Yar Muhammad, covering the Traditional Dar-e-Nizami syllabus as well as covering other works. He consolidated his studies by teaching the books he had studied whilst doing his own research. Shaykh Yaseen has spent the last six years serving the students of the Sacred Knowledge in Birmingham, the North and nationwide, as Imam of Woodlands Road masjid in Birmingham and then resident scholar at Al Huda Zawiya in Dewsbury. He delivers talks and courses in a variety of disciplines, including Fiqh, Aqeedah, Tasawwuf, Seerah and Arabic Language. He is a powerful Friday speaker. Shaykh Yaseen holds a BSc in Computer Science and a Post Graduate in Real Estate Management. He is married with three children mashaAllah and presently resides in Birmingham.