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Khaled Sarhan Al-Fahd’s Story

Born in the Syrian village of Shaykh Rih, in the Salamiyah district of Hama, in 1965, Khalid Sarhan was a great Syrian poet. He always spoke from his heart, whether praising the Messenger of Allah (SAW) or describing the sufferings of the Syrian people.

He began his studies in Salamiyah until he graduated and attained his high school diploma. However, his financial circumstances prevented him from entering university. Instead, he worked in agriculture and real estate in Salamiyah and Hama.

He was amongst the first people to go out in the 2011 protests, openly aligning himself with the protest. Soon after, he was forced to flee from the oppression of the regime to North Syria, saving himself and his honour. He then went to Reyhanlı, Turkey, looking for work and a means to provide for himself and his family. He was unable to rent a place to stay in and lived in a small storage facility that did not have healthy living conditions. He suffered from extreme poverty to the extent that he had to purchase a second-hand pair of trousers for 10 Turkish Lira (£1.65/$2.2) to attend a poetry night. He participated in a number of cultural events in Reyhanlı such as the poetry night, “In the Shade of the Beloved ﷺ,” and was always a shining star.

He later returned to North Syria to meet his extended family in a refugee camp on the Syria-Turkey border. There, he obtained a tent for himself and his immediate family, which included his four children, some still minors. Later, he was able to purchase a pick-up truck on instalment, from which he sold bread and ice cream to provide for his children. However, before he was able to pay it off or benefit from it, his time came and he passed away near the town Sarmada in North Syria.

He was selling ice cream with his son when a car hit him. He died on the spot, leaving his 22-year-old son in a critical condition.

May he attain the mercy and pleasure of Allah and may clouds of forgiveness from the Most Merciful cover him, his family and loved ones.

The late poet had a great presence in the literary world on the podium and on social media, and a webpage dedicated to his poems and unique works on the Hama website. Now, with no source of income, his family is in dire need of our support.

He sacrificed everything. Let us sacrifice a little for his family.

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