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This course covers all the key questions you have ever had about Islamic beliefs in the extra rational:

Why will I be questioned about my actions if everything is already pre destined?

What is free will and does it exist?

What are Jinns and how do they behave?

What happens after you die?

What will take place on the Day of Judgement?

Life in the grave!

Dreams, what do they mean?

In an age of information, Muslims face many challenges about their faith and beliefs. Although the basis of Islam is revelation, there is a growing need to rationalise our beliefs to effectively present them to the wider world as the ultimate truth. Therefore, along with analysing the scriptural basis for these doctrines in the Quran and Sunnah, we will also evaluate an array of rational responses to answer skeptics.

This unit is suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners and new Muslims to advanced students.

Unit Aims:

To introduce key Islamic doctrines pertaining to the Unseen.
To provide a scriptural basis for learned doctrines.
To understand rational justifications for these beliefs.

What will I learn?
You will learn about:

Pre Destiny, Divine Power and Free will
Resurrection and Judgement Day
The levels of Paradise and Hell
The Beatific Vision
The World of Angels and Jinn
The World of the intermediary realm
Different types of Miracles
Life in grave

What will I achieve?

Explain central tenets of faith in Islam
Confidently answer skeptics using a range of rational proofs for key beliefs
Describe the sequence of events on the Day of Judgement
Differentiate between different types of miracles
Describe the Islamic view of the unseen in relation to angels, spirits, and the extra rational worlds.

Please note: On Sat 23rd Dec & Sat 30th Dec there will be no classes!