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New Four Week Course

Course Outline
One of the most virtuous chapters of The Noble Qur’an containing many different themes and drawing the attention of both recitor & listener to the many aspects of our life and existence.

In this course we will be looking at the Divine Attributes. the marvelous system of the Creation of the world & existence. the Hereafter, torments of Hell, and the conversations of the people of Hell on the Day of Resurrection.

Topics covered

Secrets of the Qur’an
About the Revelation
Protection in the grave
Protection in the night

Learning outcomes
1.To attach ourselves to one of the Surahs of the Quran that should be recited on a daily basis, by looking into the meanings and themes of the Surah.

2. Understand how the different themes and stories in Quran come together to give a comprehensive and coherent world view.

3. Attain a deeper understanding of key concepts of the Quranic message.