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Course Outline

Many questions are asked about the Jinn, their existence, reality & role.

How long have they been around?

Can we see them & interact with them?

Are they harmful? How do I protect myself?

​What is Jinn possession?

​What do the scriptures say about them?

​Did the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ meet them?

​We will be addressing the above questions and more in this course.

Why is this course for you?
​We are required to believe in the existence of Jinn as they are mentioned in the Quran, therefore we must learn about their reality and role.

Learning the Quran and its meanings is a means of getting closer to Allah.

​Strengthening our faith in the unseen.

​Knowing how to protect ourselves and how the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ dealt with situations of Jinn harming humans.

​Following the pristine Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and avoiding innovations.

​Classes will be delivered in two sessions with a 10/15-minute break in-between. Tea and coffee along with light refreshments will be provided.

​Please endeavour to arrive on time and be prepared for class.