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.:: Soul’s Canvas – Five Ages of Man ::.

Throughout history, all aspects of the unseen have fascinated man, no more so than the phenomenon of the soul.

In this unique course, Shaykh Waseem Ahmed will, insha’Allah, discuss and expand upon the life between lives (i.e. the enigmatic journey of the soul) covering the five ages of man:

(1) The Metaphysical Realm / Life Before Conception / Imprint of the Soul;
(2) The World as we Know It / Our Existence in the Universe / From Birth to Death;
(3) The Transitional Realm (Barzakh) / The Moment of Death and What Follows;
(4) Judgement Day / Resurrection;
(5) Heaven and Hell / The Abode of Permanence.

Starts: Tue 28 Feb @ 7.15pm-9.15pm
Venue: Carlisle Business Centre, Unit 23, Bradford

Register today [at] http://www.essentialislam.courses/Souls-Canvas–Five-Ages-Of-Man

5 Week Course | Everyone Welcome | Segregated Seating for Sisters | Enrolment Required | Limited Admissions

In association with ISNAD

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