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Course Instructor: Shaykh Waseem Ahmed

How well do we know our Prophet ﷺ the best of creation?

There was a person whose humility was like the Earth and whose generosity like the Sun. A man whose speech was gentler, subtler, and clearer, than the dew which adorns meadows in the early mornings of summer. Although he walked the Earth over a millennium ago, his personality, his message, and his very essence, continue to inspire and attract over 1 billion people today.
We all know we have to love him, follow him, and imitate him if we want to pursue happiness in this world and the next. Think about it: Is any of this possible if we do not know about him? Can love for the Prophet (peace be upon him) blossom in our hearts while we remain ignorant about him and his life?

His ﷺ Noble Description
His ﷺ Attire
Find out more about the Prophet’s ﷺ clothes, sandals, ring, armour, and scent.

His ﷺ Home
Unravel more about how the Prophet ﷺ slept, how his ﷺ cutlery was, and how his ﷺ lifestyle was like at home.

His ﷺ Mannerisms
Discover how the Prophet ﷺ sat and walked, how he ﷺ conversed with people, and how he ﷺ spent his ﷺ time with his ﷺ family and companions.

His ﷺ Eating Habits
Learn about how often the Prophet ﷺ ate, and his ﷺ favourite food and drink.

His ﷺ Worship
Be enthralled by the Prophet’s ﷺ method of worship, how he ﷺ fasted, how he ﷺ supplicated, and how he ﷺ prayed.

His ﷺ Merits
Get inspired by the Prophet’s ﷺ legacy, his ﷺ humility, and his ﷺ modesty.

Why is this course for you?
Closeness to the Prophet ﷺ
The reality of being preoccupied in learning his ﷺ traits, merits, and noble biography are major reasons for being blessed with visions of him ﷺ, whilst being causative factors for proximity to him ﷺ.

Increased Love for the Prophet ﷺ
Knowledge of the tremendous attributes of the Prophet ﷺ fills the heart with love and respect for him ﷺ.

Reviving the Sunnah
The Prophet ﷺ was sent as an exemplar to all, by learning about his ﷺ day to day actions and mannerisms, a person is able to adopt and implement them in their own life.

Praise of the Prophet ﷺ
Endeavouring to know about the noble traits and superb features of the Prophet ﷺ is a form of giving service to him ﷺ, a form of praising him ﷺ, and showcasing respect for his ﷺ exalted esteem.