1MS 2015 Final PosterSacred Knowledge, in association with Remembrance Publications, invites you to the ‘4th’ Annual 1 Million Salawat programme.
This year’s theme is in commemoration of the Great Men of Allah who have recently passed away, including Sufi Abdullah Khan, Shaykh Nazim Haqqani and Shaykh Shukri Luhufi (Allah be pleased with them all).
Come and be part of this inspiring and spiritually uplifting event, where collective recitation of various forms of salawat will make history, with over #1millionsalawat recited on the day!
Guests to include Shaykh Hisham Kabbani and Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur Razak. Qirat by Shaykh Sayed Hassan Bukari, with Dr Asim Yusuf (Talib Al Habib) and other esteemed Scholars.
With Salawat, Dhikr and poetry by The Travellers – Al Musafirun, Aashiq al Rasul, Maaz Masud Chishti and others; this is an event not to be missed!
Saturday 26th December | 2:30 pm | Ghamkol Sharif | 150 Golden Hillock Road | Birmingham | B10 0DX
Everyone welcome | Free gift | Separate seating for sisters
#1millionsalawat – Commemorating the Great Men of Allah.
Stalls available, for enquiries email salawat@sacredknowledge.co.uk
1. When do I have to read the Salawats I have pledged by?
Ideally, before the event begins at 2:30pmSaturday 26th December.
2. Do I need to register for the event?
Preferably, so we can get an idea of numbers but this is not essential.
3. Is there a specific salawat I need to recite?
Any salawat will do, even the simplest: اللهم صل علي سيدنا محمد
Allahumma Salli ‘Ala Sayyidina Muhammad
4. What time does the programme start?
2:30pm (after Asar) in sha Allah.
5. When does the programme finish?
Approximately 8pm.
6. Do I need to bring anything on the day?
A subha (bead counter/tasbih) in addition to all your family and friends.
7. Do I need to stay for the whole event?
There is no compulsion, but it would be best if you could.
8. Will food be provided?
Food stalls will be available throughout the day in the marquee where you can purchase snacks.
9. Do you have wheelchair access?
Yes, the masjid has lifts.
10. Is the event open for non-muslims?
Yes, of course.
11. How will the ‪#‎1MillionSalawat‬ landmark be reached?
Through collective recitation of salawat in various forms on the day itself.
12. Will you be livestreaming the event?
Yes, the URL is to come in due course, however for those residing in the UK you are encouraged to attend in person to gain more blessings.
13. Is there sufficient car parking space at the mosque?
There are limited spaces available, however you can also park on the side streets nearby.
14. Will a creche facility be available?
Yes, this will be for ages 3 and over and we have various activities planned pre-registration is essential (limited availabiity) – http://creche.sacredknowledge.co.uk 
15. I would like to donate to the event, how can I do so?
There are a variety of methods to make a donation please email us at salawat@sacredknowledge.co.uk for details. There will also be an opportunity to make a donation on the day.
Any further questions email salawat@sacredknowledge.co.uk
Jazakum Allahu khayran
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