Shaykha Safia Shahid interview with the Guardian

Safia Shahid offers “a message to my sisters”, warning young women about the dangers of grooming after the disappearance of several teenage girls, such as the 15-year-old friends from Bethnal Green Academy now believed to be married to Isis men in Syria.

“There will be those who will seek to manipulate you by telling you that they know what you are going through, assuring you that they can relate to your innermost feelings and promising you to help you forget your troubles,” she writes. “These ‘mujahids’ prey on your insecurities and try to make you doubt the righteousness of your practice of Islam. Do not be inspired by Isis’s superficial authenticity; its actions do not represent Islam in any shape or form.”

Speaking to the Guardian, Shahid said: “The risk for these young women is a forced marriage to a so-called mujahid, forcing them to leave the love of their family and everything they hold dear for an illegitimate crusade. It’s a grave danger.” will be appearing on BBC Radio 4 and Sky News today.

Source: The Guardian

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